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My name is Salina, it means “Goddess of the Moon.” As a child I saw things that “weren’t there.” There had been a history of Schizophrenia in my family, so people being delusional was the term given to seeing and experiencing things that “aren’t there”. When I was 17 I spent a brief time in a mental facility, where I was found to be “very intelligent, and highly intuitive” with no need for follow up treatment. I have always had an innate sense to trust my
myself, that the things I hear, see, smell, and feel that others may not are no less real and true. I have always enjoyed Psychology, Spirituality, Anthropology, Sociology, Mythology, well Humanities period. All things dealing with people and how we relate.
 A couple years ago I met a man who turned out to be my “Twin Flame.” Never hearing this term before I decided to
spend some time studying the concept. I found that a Twin concept exists in every religion, a single soul that splits into two. There’s a lot of information on this subject available, and even communities built around it.
All my life people have told me I am special(not always positively) I have a birthmark on my left hand that makes me
lucky. I am a clairvoyant, psychic medium, a healer and I am having a human experience that inspires and encourages others to do what they don’t think they can. These are all traits of Twin Flames, also known as Ascended Masters. I created Red Magic, “Red” for the root, passion and desire, and Magic because that’s what we all are and what is happening all the time in our choices, intentions, and focus. It is my mission to help this planet ascend(move from this state, to the next.)  Tarot is a fun tool of divination I relate to.
I enjoy sharing the messages of Spirit that come through. I am a Mom, writer, painter, music booker and promoter. I hope to explore all of these further, and to share and inspire through Red Magic.
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